14th Edition Telecoms Fraud & Revenue Assurance Conference 2023


The Global Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance Conference is a premier event in the telecoms industry that attracts professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for combating fraud and ensuring revenue assurance. The conference provides a unique platform for industry leaders to come together and share their experiences, insights, and best practices, as well as to network and build relationships with other professionals in the field. The Global Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance Conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the telecoms industry and concerned with protecting revenue and preventing fraud. It provides an opportunity to learn from industry leaders, stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies, and build relationships with peers from around the world.

The conference also provides a platform for vendors and service providers to showcase their latest products and services, and to engage with potential customers and partners. This makes the conference an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest solutions for combating fraud and ensuring revenue assurance.

Overall, the Global Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance Conference is an important event in the telecoms industry, providing a forum for discussion and collaboration among industry professionals, and helping to drive innovation and progress in the field.

Revenue Assurance


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  • Jose Carlos

    Chair GSMA Africa Fraud & Security Group/ Director Fraud & Security


  • Malebu Makgalemela Mogohloane

    Group Executive:ERM, Security and Forensics

    Telkom SA

  • Esther K Wachenje

    Executive Head of Business Assurance

    Safaricom Ethiopia

  • Mwamba Mukuka

    Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager


  • Ali Garantié Yacouba

    Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager

    Moov Niger


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Conference registration, Welcoming coffee, and Business Card Exchange

Conference Chairman Opening Remarks

ICEBREAKER In order to boost networking and interactivity, the conference will begin influence discussions throughout the entire conference with an opportunity for everybody to get to know one another. Attendees will then have 20 minutes to discuss their key objectives for attending the event which will be documented and used as a tool.

Aqeel Al Ali, Revenue Management And Business Assurance Manager At Batelco

Case Study: Fraud Prevention in Digital Service, eSIM Swap Fraud

Case Study: A2P Fraud Control

Panel Discussion: Fraud Management in the Digital Age

Networking and Coffee Break

Innovative Solutions for Revenue Assurance and Fraud rnManagement

Case Study: Fraud Detection and Prevention in Roaming Services

Networking and Lunch Break

Advanced Analytics for Fraud Management

Case Study: Real-time Revenue Assurance in Telecoms

Revenue Assurance in a Converged Network Environment

Panel Discussion: Best Practices in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management

Closing Remarks and End of Day Onern

Registration and Networking

Recap of Day One

Keynote Address: Industry Innovations and New Technologies in Revenue rnAssurance and Fraud Management

Case Study: Revenue Assurance in the 5G Era

Morning Tea and Networking Break

Cloud-based Solutions for Revenue Assurance and Fraud rnManagement

Panel Discussion: Revenue Assurance in a Competitive Telecoms Market

Lunch and Networking Break

Case Study: Revenue Leakage Prevention in Digital Servicesrn

AI and Machine Learning for Fraud Management

Case Study: Network Security and Fraud Management in IoT Services

Afternoon Tea and Networking Break

Panel Discussion: The Future of Telecoms Revenue Assurance and Fraud rnManagement

Conference Closing and Awards Ceremony


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Lagos, Nigeria


Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos, V.I.